If you purchased your book as an "add-on" during the ticket buying process, view this article instead.

If you have not received an email with tracking information from shipments@800ceoread.com, it means that we (800-CEO-READ) have not been given your personal information by Ticketmaster.  

At this time, Ticketmaster has not made it possible for us to lookup your order in their system.  Until they have supplied us with your shipping information, we are unable to assist with questions about your order or shipment.  We wish this was not the case because we want to help.  

If Ticketmaster did not send us your information but should have, you will need to contact them to correct this problem.  Please tell them "800-CEO-READ has not received shipment information for the book that was included with your ticket bundle". They will not let us do this on your behalf.  

Ticketmaster can be reached at 800-653-800 or contacted online at the following address https://www.ticketmaster.com/h/contact-form.html.