800-CEO-READ's web site never stores your credit card information.  When we authorize your credit card, the information is sent securely to our credit card processor (Braintree).  Once Braintree receives it, the information is immediately discarded on our end.  Braintree stores your information in their encrypted vault and is associated with a unique payment token.  While our company can use this token to allow for saved payment details, it will not work with any other company.

When transactions are created with payment tokens instead of swiping a card or entering in the full card details, credit card providers and banks want to know about it.  This is where the recurring flag comes into play.  Here is what Braintree says about this topic:

Transactions created from the Vault are often passed with an e-commerce indicator (ECI) of recurring, which some banks will display on their customers’ statements. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the customer will be billed on a recurring basis; it just tells the customer’s bank that a CVV cannot be passed with the transaction because it was created from a Vault record.

We do not make use of the Subscription feature that Braintree has, which is how recurring charges are actually done with their service.  You will not be billed more than once for any particular order.  If you feel this has happened please contact us and we'll look into it immediately.

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