Our product catalog is populated via a web service provided by Ingram Content Group.  Our titles are updated automatically every 7 days.  Ingram has many customers using their various data feeds, so if you're seeing information that is incorrect on our site, it is probably wrong other places as well.  We highly encourage you to reach out to Ingram to make sure your changes reach the widest possible audience.  Ingram supplies the following page for publishers to contact them: https://www.ingramcontent.com/contact#publishers

 If you see corrections are needed on a title that is not carried by Ingram, we can manually adjust these on our site. Please submit a request and let us know about what needs to be updated.  Please supply at least the following information

  • The title of the book
  • An ISBN-13
  • A list of fields that need to be updated
  • What those fields should be changed to